tw-rl — Curate Twitter. Save and organize tweets or threads

I created tw-rl to be the place to save and organize your favorite tweets, making it easier + faster to find what you’re looking for.

My hope is you might also take a look around the place and discover new content + curators you never knew you wish you knew.

Add Tweets

There are 3 ways to add tweets to your “curator profile”:

Option 1: “twirl” tweets

☝️ Users can flip a tweet around to add it to their #galleries. NOTE: only the #galleries you’ve created will display as options here.

Option 2: “copy link to tweet”

☝️ From the tweet link is copied and then pasted into the “Add Tweets” user menu section on

NOTE: a Pro Curator subscription is required to add more than 100 tweets with this method.

Option 3: reply to tweets

☝️Just include “@twirlHQ” and the #gallery #tags you want to add or create.

PRO TIP: this method of adding tweets can be done unlimited times without a Pro Curator subscription!

Additional options in the works… Stay tuned!

Looping Threads Together

To combine a single-author thread of tweets, you can do one of the following…

Option 1: check the box

☝️ When the “is this a threaded tweet?” box is checked, a notice is displayed to inform that the “most recent tweet” is needed to loop the thread together.

NOTE: a Pro Curator subscription is required to add more than 100 tweets with this method.

Option 2: reply with “loop”

☝️ The word “loop” is included to inform tw-rl that you want to add the entire thread and end on this tweet. PRO TIP: this method of looping threads can be done unlimited times without a Pro Curator subscription!

IMPORTANT: both methods of “looping” tweets requires the *last tweet* (or most recent). This allows you to control where the thread should stop.

Organize Tweets

Tweets can be grouped into different collections via hashtags (tw-rl uses the terms “#galleries” or “#gallery”) and filtered by media type like images, videos, links and words.


You can create new #galleries 2 ways:

1️⃣ manually from the “My Galleries” section of your user menu or…

2️⃣ adding #gallery #tags in your reply-to-add tweet on

Media Types

Tweets are broken up into 4 groups automatically based on the media found in the tweet:

1️⃣ “images” — if the tweet has images attached

2️⃣ “videos” — either attached videos or links to video platforms like

3️⃣ “links” — if no images/videos found, any URLs found will generate a title, description and preview image of the URL

4️⃣ “words” — text-only tweets with no media/links found OR tweets grouped together as a thread.

Discover Tweets

The homepage is currently being used as a “featured gallery” where tweets are added both from and from other curators on — yes, I’m spying on your “tw-rled tweets” 👀

Bookmark Curators

☝️From any curator page, you can click their avatar to toggle the bookmark on/off. All your bookmarked curators will then display on the bookmarks pagelogin req’d.

To-do List:

  • 🧭 Discover Curatorsin progress: My goal is to also showcase actual tw-rl curators in the same fashion that tweets are displayed. For now, I have a section on the bookmarks page for “suggested curators” (login req’d) to discover other curators that are adding some interesting stuff or using tw-rl in a fun way.
  • 🧐 Pro Curatorready + in progress: tw-rl is free to use, but I’m working on premium features to support the project ongoing as hosting, building and maintaining features for tw-rl is NOT free ;-)
  • 🥷 Master Curator — in addition to all the features of Pro Curator, the Master Curator will be able to permanently archive tweets to guarantee their availability. That’s not all, though. More to come.
  • 🌐 #curateAnythingin progress: tw-rl is currently focused on curating and bookmarking tweets, but the ability to curate anything that has a URL that you can copy and paste is in development! A bit more testing is needed, so stay tuned…
  • 🛎 Browser Extensionsin progress: I’m in development on a browser extension that will make adding tweets (or #anything) as simple as a click in the chrome bar.