fullride.me — Crowdfunding for Students

fullride.me is a crowdfunding platform where students can list all their education expenses with individual donation goals.

As the founder of this project, I was responsible for (1) all branding/logo design, (2) site design/development, and (3) marketing fullride.me at student-based events.


To communicate how much of the expense donors are helping with, I came up with an innovative “drag-to-donate” system. This allows users to drag the progress bar of an item to determine how much they want to contribute.


I was fortunate to partner with the University of Washington, Bothell. They were very instrumental in the first batch of students that utilized fullride.me.

They gave me access to on-campus events to chat with students and give demonstrations.

Video Promotion

After storyboarding a concept I had, I partnered with a team of animators to put together a video that I used at student events and on the fullride.me home page…

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