Multiple Tweets: The Necessary EVIL

If you frequent Twitter, you’ve likely seen it yourself: tweets tweeted multiple times by the same person. The sad truth is that this is a necessary evil.

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Who Cares If Your Website Has Valid CSS or HTML?!

We’ve all heard it many times before: “This website has valid CSS and HTML“. My response? Who cares if it’s valid or not?!

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University: Premium WordPress Theme For Colleges

WordPress University let’s you choose the exact colors of your school or business!

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IE Tester: The Best Way to Test IE6 and IE7

If you have ever built a website, you know as well as I do how nervous you get when it’s time to test your new web design in Internet Explorer. …

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Web Designer’s Tool Belt: Web Design Resources for Pros

In every industry, there are a few tools that a professional cannot live without. In Web Design, those tools are FireFox, Coda, and Photoshop.

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