Images vs CSS: Which Should You Use?

With the final layer style applied in your Photoshop document (PSD), you just finished your web design masterpiece. Everything is JUST the way you want it and you know it’s …

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The Psychology of Catan

Settlers of Catan tends to bring the worst out in people. Having gained enough data through playing hundreds of games, I’d like to explore the different personalities people acquire when …

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Djembe vs Bongo

After playing the Djembe for over a decade, I’m starting to get tired of everyone I know calling it a bongo.

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Photoshop Tip: PSD to HTML Easy Shortcuts

This video will show you why slicing is the old school way of converting a PSD to HTML.

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Multiple Tweets: The Necessary EVIL

If you frequent Twitter, you’ve likely seen it yourself: tweets tweeted multiple times by the same person. The sad truth is that this is a necessary evil.

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Christopher John Molitor is a designer and front-end developer living in Bothell, WA with his wife and two kids. He founded and co-founded RIVYT.

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