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Presentation: Tips for Selling Things Online

I give a presentation at an Envato Live meetup in Chicago where I go over a lot of my lessons learned.

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Doodle Sessions and Other Illustrative Work

In an effort to hone some of my off-screen hobbies, I’ve decided to start posting various doodles, sketches and illustrations on my instagram account.

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Q&A with theMOLITOR

Q&A with ThemeForest author theMOLITOR

Grant Landram interviews ThemeForest author Chris Molitor (theMOLITOR) about WordPress, theme design/development and answers questions from the audience at the March 2013 Seattle WordPress meetup.

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Internet Explorer TV Ad is a LIE

No. No no no no no no no. “A more beautiful web is…” NOT POSSIBLE WITH INTERNET EXPLORER. This is not some vain attempt to sound hip, cool, jive or …

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Please Upgrade Your Browser

In an effort to encourage Internet Explorer users to upgrade, I put together a little comparison chart.

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Christopher John is a web designer and WordPress theme developer living in beautiful Bothell, WA with his wife and two kids.

Since 2008, he’s been an active author on ThemeForest where he enjoys spending his days designing and developing ultra-niche WordPress themes.

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