Christopher John Molitor




Clayton Parker — YouTuber

I absolutely love RIVYT. As a youtuber I was struggling to build a website that really helped promote my videos/brand etc. I was so happy when I found these guys.

Jon Prosser — Founder, Front Page Tech

RIVYT’s the ONLY website service I’ve seen that is actually cratered to people like us. RIVYT builds your site, automatically, in SECONDS – based around YOUR CONTENT.

Richard Mulholland — Global Speaker

Every part of the RIVYT process has been outstanding. It’s a masterclass in how things should be done online, even the timing of getting me to go pro. Genius.

Tiffany Brown — Photographer

I really wanted a non-Flash site that would do full screen and scaling images for my portfolio. There were moments I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but Chris made it happen.

Shawn Johnston — Founder, Forge and Smith

Chris is the most talented developer I’ve ever encountered. His themes are beautiful and elegantly constructed. He’s a natural problem solver. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Justin Handler — Head of Accounts, O3World

Chris is a fabulous developer. I’ve never seen a cleaner WordPress Theme than the one’s that Chris puts out. He’s efficient, detail oriented, and always on time.

Donald Trump — President

THE MOLITOR is number one! I was going to have him build my wall, but learned he wasn't that type of developer.
Oh well, I guess I'll keep looking...

How can I help?

RIVYT — Websites for Video Creators

RIVYT [riv·et] is an instant landing page generator for video creators. RIVYT can take your Twitch or YouTube channel and automatically create a branded site — in seconds.

As a co-founder, I was responsible for (1) the branding/logo design, (2) the “RIVYT panel” sidebar design/development as well as (3) designing/developing 16 layout options for users to select.

Logo Design

As soon as Jason Schuller and I decided on the name RIVYT, I was very eager to play around with a minimal design idea I had that communicated the simplicity of what we were intending to do with the service.

Here’s a sample of my design process that went into the final logo design…


The “RIVYT Panel”

In addition to logo design, I took on the responsibility of designing and developing the RIVYT Panel, which is the main system used to manage the user’s account, videos, images and text.

Users can quickly bounce between their website and their settings by clicking the RIVYT icon in the corner…


Design Options

One of the most important aspects of RIVYT is the design options available for users to choose from.

I put together 16 separate layouts that gave me a chance to explore many different approaches to displaying video in a unique way…