Christopher John Molitor




Clayton Parker — YouTuber

I absolutely love RIVYT. As a youtuber I was struggling to build a website that really helped promote my videos/brand etc. I was so happy when I found these guys.

Jon Prosser — Founder, Front Page Tech

RIVYT’s the ONLY website service I’ve seen that is actually cratered to people like us. RIVYT builds your site, automatically, in SECONDS – based around YOUR CONTENT.

Richard Mulholland — Global Speaker

Every part of the RIVYT process has been outstanding. It’s a masterclass in how things should be done online, even the timing of getting me to go pro. Genius.

Tiffany Brown — Photographer

I really wanted a non-Flash site that would do full screen and scaling images for my portfolio. There were moments I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but Chris made it happen.

Shawn Johnston — Founder, Forge and Smith

Chris is the most talented developer I’ve ever encountered. His themes are beautiful and elegantly constructed. He’s a natural problem solver. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Justin Handler — Head of Accounts, O3World

Chris is a fabulous developer. I’ve never seen a cleaner WordPress Theme than the one’s that Chris puts out. He’s efficient, detail oriented, and always on time.

Donald Trump — President

THE MOLITOR is number one! I was going to have him build my wall, but learned he wasn't that type of developer.
Oh well, I guess I'll keep looking...

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